ATTITUDE Natural Furry Friends Odor Absorber / Coco Lime

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Did you know dogs’ noses are wet to help them smell better? The moist surface is like a glue to help capture scents! You and your four-legged family members can breathe easier with ATTITUDE’s Coconut Lime Natural Odor Absorber. Using activated carbon from charcoal, it’s a worry-free way to safely freshen litter boxes and other areas they frequent without worry of them ingesting harmful chemicals.

•Remove container lid and put aside.
•Remove and discard freshness seal.
•Put the lid back on the container.
•Adjust vents to desired level of absorption and scent intensity.
For optimal effect, change Odor Absorber after 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the room conditions.

Natural plant-derived fragrance (soothing active), Activated carbon (air purifier), Resin (odor neutralizing and fragrance releaser), Gamma-octalactone (coconut), Decanal (citrus), Terpineol (citrus).

Size: 227 g / 8 oz
UPC #: 6 26232 85270 7