ATTITUDE Nature + Floor Cleaner For Tile & Wood Floors / Citrus Zest

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ATTITUDE Floor Surfaces Tiles & Wood is an eco-friendly cleaner with a scent of citrus zest. Make your floors shine, even hardwood ones, all without leaving undesirable marks.

TO CLEAN FLOORS OR OTHER SURFACES: Mix 60 mL (1/4 cup) cleaner per 4 L of unheated tap water (dilute to test product). Clean floor. No rinsing necessary.

FOR TOUGH SPOTS: Pour nondiluted product directly on affected area or on a sponge. Wipe and rinse.

FOR THE TOILET BOWL: Pour non-diluted product in bowl and brush.

FOR HARDWOOD SURFACES: Use diluted product only.
Ideal for households with young kids and pets.

<5% Vegetable non-ionic surfactants (caprylyl glucoside, myristyl glucoside). Contains also: Aqua / water / eau, sodium gluconate, sodium iminodisuccinate, saponins, terpineol (citrus), decanal (citrus), allyl heptanoate (sweet fruit).

Size: 1.04 L / 35.2 fl. oz.
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