Nellie’s All-Purpose Cleaner / Lemongrass

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For everyday cleaning Nellie’s All-Natural All-Purpose Cleaner gets the job done naturally. The lemongrass scented cleaner provides exceptional cleaning power against household dirt and grime. Like all Nellie’s All-Natural products, the All-Purpose cleaner is free from harsh chemicals, phosphates, dyes and perfumes and contains no SLS or SLES.

Spray soiled surface areas and wipe clean. For heavily soiled surface areas, spray area and allow to soak for 30 seconds before wiping. Repeat as needed.

For any surfaces that you are not sure of, test before using by applying to a small area first.

Aqua, Alcohol, Laureth-7, Natural Lemongrass Fragrance.

Size: 710ml, 24fl. oz.
UPC #: 8 10648 00128 0